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WELCOME TO VEN SOLICITORS: For No Compromise Solutions to All your Legal Needs

Criminal Defence, Commercial Leases, Lease Renewals, Lease Enfranchisements, Rent Reviews, Landlord & Tenancy Law, Family Law, Divorce,  Employment Law, Unfair Dismissal from Work, Racial Discrimination at work, Civil Litigation, Courts & Tribunals, We also deal with Police Arrests & Police Station Attendance, H M R C Tax Investigation, Accounts & Audits, Bailiff Problems, Debt Problems, Bankrupty, Council Problems, Mediation, Visa Fraud Cases, Judicial Reviews,High Court & Supreme Court, European Court of Human Rights ( E Ct H R), Extradition to Home Country


We are UK's Top most and leading Criminal Defence, Immigration  and Human Rights Solicitors. We are also UK's leading Family, Employment Law, Civil Litigation, Commercial Conveyancing, Landlord & Tenancy Law solicitors. We are easily accessible as we are situated in Eastham,  London. 1 minute walk from Eastham  tube station near Mahalakshmi Temple in Eastham. 

We are Law Society of England and Wales, Immigration  and Asylum  Accredited level-2  Solicitors  

We are experts in Judicial Review matters both at High Courts & Supreme Courts in Civil and Criminal matters.

We provide sound, easily understood, impartial, straight forward and uptodate cutting edge  legal advice on all aspects of UK Immigration, Asylum, Nationality, Human Rights, Family Law, Employment law, Landlord and Tenancy law, Commercial Leases, Civil Litigation and  Charity Law.

We are One of the few Solicitor Firms in the  UK who practise Charity Law and represent our Clients at First-tier Tribunal ( Charity) & Higher  Courts.

Our Solicitors are Competent at Challenging any Act of British  Parliament by way of Judicial Review in the Supreme Court if it violates the   Basic Structure of the Constitution or the established precedents of  Law or  any International treaty for which UK is a Signatory or any Act which is not Jusitifible in Law or any provisions of the Act which goes against the principles of Natural Justice or any provisions of the Act if they  are  in conflict with the provisions of other Act already made by the parliament .

We represent client's from all countries of the world ,not only Individuals but National Governments as well, we represent any Government in the world in extraditing the criminals to their country with in the confines of extradition treaty between any two countries , International treaties or the International Law.

We represent any National Government in bringing their Money back if their citizens deposited fraudulently in the Banks in Tax havens like Switzerland , Leichestein, Dubai, Luxemburog, Jersey, Cayman Islands, Bermuda,British Virgin Islands,Mauritius, Guernsey, cook Islands etc...

If you have any problems with Gas Companies, Electric Companies, Council Tax problems , Bank problems, Legal Ombudsman, Bar Council( Regulator of Barristers in the UK ), C P S (Crown Prosecution Service )  come to us,  If you have a complaint against police come to us, we will represent you at  I P C C ( Independent Police Complaints Commission ).

If you have Grievance againt S R A (Solicitors Regulation Authority) or S D T ( Solicitors Dicisplinary Tribunal) come to us , we will represent you.

If it is found that anybody obtained Political Asylum in  UK by providing false or incorrect information to the Government , they will be liable for prosecution and imprisonment , their Refugee status will be cancelled , their ILR and British Citizenship will be curtailed and will be removed from UK to their Home country , may it be Srilanka or Somalia, in such  cases where false information is given , we can not rely on ECHR or Human rights.

People can be removed from UK after any number of years of stay,if they are  proved that , they obtained British passport on  false information  or by telling lies to UK Government at the time of claiming Asylum.

Our Unique character among all the Solicitors in the UK is, We take our Clients matter very seriously and do not sleep until we go to  Bottom of the Truth.

We also provide Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunal Service. Our solicitors regularly appear at Tribunals and courts for Immigration bails and  hearings. Our solicitors also regularly appear at family courts in Divorce and financial disputes resolution matters. We appeal cases to High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of UK and if the matter involves  substantial point of law on Human rights we take the matter to  European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg,  we instruct appropriate Barristers to represent our Clients at various Courts.

Our Expertise and Strength includes Criminal Defence, Commercial Leases, Lease Renewals, Lease Enfranchisements, Rent Reviews, Landlord & Tenancy Law,  Family Law, Divorce, Pre-nuptial agreements, Employment Law, Unfair Dismissal from Work, Racial Discrimination, Civil Litigation, Courts & Tribunal Service We also deal with Police Arrests & Police Station Attendance, H M R C Tax Investigation, Accounts & Audits, Bailiff Problems, Debt Problems, Bankrupty , Council Problems, Mediation, Visa Fraud Cases, Judicial Reviews .

We prepare all types of Legal documents like AffidavitsChange of Name Deed poll, Power of Attorney, Wills, Statutory Declarations, All kinds of Civil Contracts & Agreements, Consent Orders ,Pre-nuptial agreements etc...

Any of your Legal  problem will be discussed in detail by one of our Competent  solicitors and an appropriate advise will be given.

We Understand the problems faced by the Immigrants and we charge a very reasonable agreed fee depending on the complexity of the matter and the amount of work involved.

We are easily approachable and a friendly team , any matter relating to the client will be kept stricktly confidential and you can openly discuss your matter with our solicitors who will advise you the most appropriate course of action.

If you have any Immigration, Family, Employment problems, Unfair dismissal, Landlord and Tenancy matter, Police or any Local council please give us a ring and book an appointment for an INITIAL CONSULTATION  with one of our well qualified Solicitors

If the matter is  Urgent in nature like Fast Track case, Deportation or Removal from UK, Injunction and Judicial Reviews, we are happy to help out of hours, we will stay well beyond our office hours to help our clients, for our legal team at Ven Solicitors , Client interest  comes first.

In the Interest of Justice and in the Best interest of our Clients, we Instruct only  highly experienced counsels who are super specialised in their choosen area of law, we instruct counsel only if it is absolutely necessary and  in the Best interest of our clients.

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