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Visa Options for Tier-1 Post Study Work (PSW) visa Holders

Post-study work (PSW) visa route for Graduates and Post-Graduates in the UK  was closed on 6th of April 2012, you can no longer apply under this route, as this PSW visa was for 2 years only, however there are few visa options available for existing PSW visa holders, they should switch into a different category before their current visa status expires or with in 28 days of expiry of their current status .

Different visa Options available to switch from PSW visa are.

  •  As the Spouse of a British Citizen or person present and settled in the UK
  • Un-married or same sex partner of a person present and settled in the UK
  • As a Civil-partner of a person present and settled in the UK
  • Family member of an EEA national  , who is excersing treaty rights in the UK
  • As the parent of a British Child
  • As the parent of an EEA child
  • As the parent of a child who is living in the UK continuously for 7 years
  • On the basis of long 10 years legal residence in the UK, there should not be any discontinuity in the visa for 10 years and the 10th year of living is fulfilled during the 2 year PSW period. 
  • If there is an established private life in the UK, where there are no ties to the country of origin , we can apply for leave to remain on the basis of established private life in the UK. 
  • You can switch into Tier-4 General student visa, as long as the new course to be studied is not of the same level as the one used for PSW visa. 
  • Under Tier-2 Points based system, you can switch into Tier-2 General, Tier-2 Sports person and Tier-2 Minister of religion. 
  • Under Tier-1 Points based system, you can switch into Tier-1 Investor and Tier-1 Entrepreneur.

Our Immigration lawyers team at Ven Solicitors are experts in applying for the above visas if you are currently in PSW visa.

Our Immigration solicitors will advice you about the current law and different options available to you and the criteria you should meet to get that visa category.

Our Solicitors will discuss with you the agreed fee for the work at the time of consultation , the fee will be charged based on the complexity of the case and the amount of work involved in the case.

Please call our Immigration solicitors in london , to book an appointment for consultation to discuss your case.


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