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Administrative Review is making the application to the Entry clearance Officer to review his decision of not granting the entry clearance to the UK,we have to make this application with in 28 days from the decision of the entry clearance officer or the visa officer of the British Embassy.once the Review application is made it is Reviewed by the Entry Clearance Manager.

Our Immigration solicitors in london at ven solicitors are experts in handling the entry clearance administrative review matters.

Our Immigration solicitors in london will prepare the case in proper format with all the necessary documentation and present your case to the Entry Clearance Manager (ECM).

please contact our expert Immigration solicitors in london for a free initial consultation on the Administrastive Reviews matters , who will assess your case and give an appropriate advice.

Our Immigration solicitors in london are flexible about the fee charged for the matter, the total fee will depend upon the amount of work to be done and the complexity of the matter, you can discuss the fee for your matter with our Immigration solicitors in london at the time of initial consultation.

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